General Information

Process Simulations Ltd. was formed in the fall of 1993 and is a private limited company registered in the province of British Columbia. The company's core business is the research, development, and application of mathematical modeling and computer simulation to industrial processes. During the research and development phase, PSL works in close co-operation with the University of British Columbia. This colaboration has resulted in applications across several industrial processes. Funding agencies have included US DOE, CANMET EMR, Industry Canada, BC Science Council, FRBC, and the Weyerhaeuser Foundation. Collaborators in model development have included Paprican, IPST, OSU, and the paper industry. PSL continuously researches and develops sub-models that are applicable to the industries it serves.



Martha Salcudean, UBC Professor and PSL President, B. Eng., Ph.D., Honorary Doctorate (Ottawa), P. Eng., Weyerhaeuser Industrial Research Chair in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fellow C.S.M.E., F.C.A.A., F.R.S.C., Member A.S.M.E. Tel: (604) 822-2732; Cell: (604) 970- 7278; e-mail:

Dr. Salcudean has an extensive career as a professor specializing in industrial flow modelling. She has published extensively in the area of heat transfer, fluid flow, and the modelling of transport phenomena in industrial processes. Her work is aimed at improving industrial processes, particularly in the pulp and paper industry. Together with research collaborators, she has developed computer codes to model industrial process equipment including recovery boilers, bark boilers, headboxes, digesters, hydocylones, and lime kilns. These models have been applied extensively for many industrial partners including CANFOR, Georgia-Pacific Corp., Weyerhaeuser, and Kvaerner. Dr. Salcudean co-founded PSL to apply the process models to the industry and currently serves as its president. Her awards include the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation, the Engineering Institute of Canada's Julian C. Smith Medal, and the National Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Prize in Engineering.