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Flow Distribution Oxygen Distribution Firing Strategies

PSL offers a comprehensive analysis and optimization of your utility boiler that will:

Utility Boiler Issues

Utility boilers are key equipment in power generation stations, which directly influence the economy, safety, and stability of the power generation, and also have common operational problems:

These problems are closely related to the flow, heat transfer, and combustion processes in the boiler. Process simulations enable clients to obtain a better understanding and comprehensive analysis to solve boiler problems.

PSL Process Modelling Method

Boiler designs and modifications were based on experience and simple physical modelling. The complex nature of the turbulent gas flow and combustion in the boiler limits this type of approach, often leading to unsatisfactory results. Many power generation companies have spent millions of dollars on modifications that have not fulfilled their expectations or the contractor's promises. The advent of high-speed, cost effective computing has produced a new and powerful analysis tool: process modelling. PSL has invested in the development of a sophisticated boiler analysis tool that can simulate the complex details of an operating utility boiler. The process modelling gives the distribution of various parameters such as gas velocity, temperature, flue gases species, and particle trajectory. The tool can also be used to predict, in advance, the outcome of any boiler modification, including combustion air and fuel flow changes, coal type changes, or even a complete retrofit of the burner systems.