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Process Simulator Technology

PSL is currently developing visual simulator products for:

Process Simulator Technology permits to interactively visualize the complex fields and relationships of process variables produced from modeling simulations. Using this tool, engineers and operators can significantly increase their understanding of the equipment processes. This tool presents a wealth of significant information about a process, traditionally available only through expensive and time-consuming methods, or not at all. Information is presented to equipment operators and managers in an intuitive and user-friendly way. PSL customized process software enables clients to interactively visualize and manipulate three-dimensional virtual-reality models of the equipment, displaying all relevant physical processes such as air and gas flows, temperature fields, chemical reactions, emissions, and fuel combustion. Information about the process is presented in real-time on a standard computer equipped with advanced graphic hardware. The simulator includes display of the process variables in areas for which:

Advantages of PSL Process Simulator software

Displays detailed results of a process in real-time, an advantage once only the prerogative of simple one-dimensional algebraic models providing much less detail Advanced visual representation of industrial processes in a format that is adapted to each client's needs Provide engineers and operators with significantly more information for analyzing equipment operations than is currently available. Advanced numerical process modeling is delivered to clients in a package that they can use autonomously and effectively Installation of Process Simulator software products onsite provides a direct transfer of significant technological capability to client personnel. PSL Process Simulator Technology is highly scalable and modular, and easily adaptable to a broad range of industrial equipment.